From the May 2017 magazine.

Simple & good

With a bit of mustard, one member orders up a hot dog just like he does his sobriety

At a meeting last night I ran into a fellow I hadn’t seen in a number of years. He was doing well, seemed calmer and more self-possessed than the last time I had seen him. As it turned out, he was celebrating 24 years of sobriety and, as we talked, he thanked me for helping him once many years earlier. I had said something, he related, that had really helped him. “Do you remember?” he asked.

Try as I might, I simply couldn’t. He went on to describe what I had told him that night as we stood together on the line for coffee, and, essentially, the great wisdom I had imparted boiled down to something quite akin to “Don’t drink, and keep coming back”—words considerably less eloquent than I would have expected, words, in fact, that I had heard in response to many of my own difficulties over the years. I found it odd at first that these few words were what he would remember and relate so many years later, yet the more I thought about it, the more meaningful it became.

-- Ames S.

New York, New York, USA

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