From the May 2017 magazine.

Editor's letter

In the Grapevine book,The Language of the Heart, there is a 1949 article titled “Who Is a Member of Alcoholics Anonymous?” In it, our co-founder, Bill W., expresses his thoughts about an alcoholic seeking membership. “If alcohol is an uncontrollable problem to him and he wishes to do something about it, that is enough for us … Our AA door stands wide open … He signs nothing, agrees to nothing, promises nothing. We demand nothing … He is a member as long as he says he is.” In this month’s special section on diversity, AA members share stories about how they found their place in AA.

In the story “Not From Here,” a young member from Pakistan struggles to fit in and soon finds AA’s doors are warm and welcoming. In “My Belief, Your Belief,” an alcoholic shares about his spiritual journey in sobriety and explains how AA gives us time to find our place. After eight years with AA, our rotating (non-alcoholic) Chair of the General Service Board shares his thoughts about diversity in AA in the article “Full Spectrum.” And a delegate from Canada reminds us not to forget about our octogenarian members.

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