From the April 1973 magazine.

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Two Studies on Fliers

BAL HARBOUR, FLA.--A Federal aviation regulation issued in December 1970. which forbade any person from acting as a crew member of a civil aircraft "within eight hours after the consumption of any alcoholic beverage," has had mixed results. Apparently, it has cut down on flying by so-called social drinkers, but has had less effect on the hard-core, heavy drinker (according to officials of the Office of Aviation Medicine, Federal Aviation Agency).

Of the pilots involved in fatal accidents in 1970, toxicological studies were done on 346. A total of 61 (18%) were found to have a positive alcohol content in their blood. Of the positive group, 56% were below 100 mg% (i.e., below 100 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood). The remaining 44% were 100 mg% or higher.

-- Thomas Hill

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