From the April 1973 magazine.

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Opinions on Social Drinkers

Social drinking implies the consumption of alcohol before meals, after meals, or at any form of social function. Visiting a friend is a social function, as is a party or a dance. Sports events are social functions. The impression, one must assume, is that drinking is normal. To get drunk on occasion is perfectly understandable. . . The prevalent attitude that no party is a success unless there is alcohol served is the essence of the drinking problem.

The symptom that social drinkers have in common with alcoholics is that of being dishonest with themselves, and formulating all sorts of irrational excuses to drink or to use a drug. The latest excuse being espoused is that ours is a drinking society or culture. . . . If social drinkers were honest, they would readily admit that they drink because they like what alcohol does for them. They would admit that they need or want alcohol in their systems because without it, they would not be capable of enjoying themselves socially. . . .

-- L. W. Parratt, MD

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