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Published May 2017.

AA Has Never Lied To Me

Night, after night, commitment after commitment, he found that giving the gift of service led him to a new life

When I first came to my home group, I was welcomed with open arms. They asked nothing and demanded nothing of me other than that I have a desire to stop drinking. They gave me a place to rest when I was restless. They gave me food when I was hungry. They gave an ear to my fears. They gave unconditionally. You might say they gave me the keys to the church and later the keys to the Kingdom itself.

We met at parking lots and all piled in for the ride to the next commitment, telling our experience, strength and hope, night after night. All I seemed to hear was get in the car, Ed. When some time passed and the fog lifted, there was a desire to share with those who were as hungry, angry, lonely and tired as I was.

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