From the June 2017 magazine.

Letting go

When a defect arises, she tries to release it like a balloon and let it float up to the sky. It feels so much lighter when it’s gone

For a long time I thought Step Six meant doing nothing, just waiting around and being ready. I wondered why it had to be a separate Step. Why not just go ahead to Step Seven and ask?

But one day, during my morning meditation, I was plagued by one of my defects and realized there is an action to take in Step Six. Being entirely ready means letting go. That’s my part. Right in the middle of a bad thought or attitude or action—if I recognize it—I can stop it right then, without completing it, without giving myself that satisfaction. And I might have to do this over and over. I might have to because certain defects are, in some strange way, comfortable, familiar, even pleasurable.

-- Lynne D.

Carbondale, Illinois, USA

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