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Published June 2017.

The Gift

Drunk on the streets for ten years, he faces the music, joins AA, and a begins marching to the beat of a very different drummer

I come out of a music family from Los Angeles, my dad a Dixieland drummer, my brother a professional rock and roller. Me? I didn’t want to compete with my bass playing bro, so I read books and did sports and I was good at school. There are a few other aspects to my childhood that are important for this tragic tune that turned out sweet. Step back with me to 1954.

I am adopted. My blood mom an alcoholic, no known real dad. So I knew from the first note I was abandoned and rejected, although I was fortunate in being rescued by Pres and Pearl, my new folks, though Pres was drinking early and I had to learn to duck and dodge whisky bottles. Eventually, Pres and Pearl found AA and Alanon, and for the most part I was raised with the Serenity Prayer.

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