From the June 1973 magazine.

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Federal Training Center

The May opening of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism's Training Center for professionals in the field marks the outset of a wide-ranging Federal project. It will start accepting trainees by late summer or early fall. According to the Friday Letter of the National Council on Alcoholism, "The center's five components will be: (1) an experimental training laboratory, for both teachers and on-line personnel, to develop new approaches; (2) leadership training for such top people as state directors of alcoholism authorities and highway safety, rehabilitation, and other related programs, giving them an opportunity to work with NIAAA division directors and bureau chiefs; (3) a think tank of four to eight resident scholars from such varied disciplines as history, economics, and sociology, including medicine but not psychiatry, to work with the experimental lab and the state leaders; (4) curriculum development and distribution, to make available new and better training and prevention materials--novel 'packages' that can be easily used by PTAs, junior high schools, etc.; (5) a survey to cost out and evaluate training methods in use throughout the country, in order to establish future training priorities."

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