From the July 2017 magazine.

Tall glass of love

This morning, I was at our local detox meeting and saw a Grapevine donated by local AA members. It was one of the annual prison issues. In big letters it said: “Free on the Inside.” It caught my eye because that’s the name of the AA Group I attend on Wednesday evenings inside the Willacy Prison when I’m in Raymondville, Texas. It really tugged at my heart to see those words.

My husband and I have wintered in South Texas for more than a dozen years. A while back, I was sitting at an area meeting in South Texas with my friend David T., when I felt the call to help bring an AA meeting into the local prison there. I asked David if he thought a Canadian (and a woman) might be allowed to serve in the prison. “We’ll check it out,” he replied.

-- Helaine D.

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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