From the July 2017 magazine.

100 days to go

The recovery she was getting inside with this group of AA-loving women was time well spent

I’ve been in prison for four years, four months and 17 days, with exactly 100 days to go. I showed up here just barely sober after only 47 days in county. I was fresh off the streets with a violent, explosive attitude. I hated the world and everyone in it, including myself. I resented my father, mother and anyone else I could blame to justify my horrific alcoholic behavior. I was a victim and no one could convince me otherwise. I couldn’t trust anyone either.

Since I had nothing to lose, I signed up for AA meetings on the medium security side, which allowed me to attend two meetings a month. It was just what I needed after coming out of a 10-year drunken binge. Two volunteers faithfully came every other Monday to bring us meetings. They became my rock in this lonely place. They even brought me a Big Book and a “Twelve and Twelve.” I can’t say I dove right in but I did contemplate the new way of living these two AA people kept talking about.

-- Michelle L.

Portland, Oregon, USA

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