From the July 2017 magazine.

I’ll never forget

Today I celebrate one year of continuous sobriety. That person who occupied my body last year is completely foreign to me, as the transformation in my spirit and psyche has been profound. My sponsor once said to me, “How many people can say that they got to live two lives?” And so it is with me.

I still remember lying on my pillow with my heartbeat pounding, throwing the blankets off to try to relieve the sweating and violent shaking, while at the same time I was also freezing. I was heaving and gagging as I tried to stand up, then crawled my way up the stairs to my bedroom to try to put clothes on and somehow get ready for work. Then there was the excruciating drive to work, wishing more than anything I could just be dead.

-- Laura G.

Horseshoe Bay, Texas, USA

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