From the July 2017 magazine.

Editors letter

One of the most important and fulfilling service positions an AA member can do is carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous into prisons. Many institutions have meetings inside, but many do not. We get letters all the time from prisoners in need, thanking Grapevine because often it’s the only sober lifeline they have. This month’s special section features stories of hope from members inside and outside the walls.

In the story “Living Proof,” a man from Atlanta descends into a life of liquor and jails and finds AA and sobriety in prison. A member from Illinois writes about the wonderful journey he’s had corresponding with an incarcerated man in the story “Dear Manuel.” Through patience and persistence, a prison group shows how they go to “any lengths” to stay sober and keep carrying the message in “21 Men.” A woman from Canada expresses joy about bringing love, hope and yes, milk, into a prison in Texas in “Tall Glass of Love.” And a prisoner in Oregon lucks out and falls in with a group of women sponsoring each other and doing the Steps in “100 Days to Go.”

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