From the July 1973 magazine.

About Alcoholism - Alcoholism Information, Research and Treatment

Identifying the Alcoholic

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y.--"Business and industry can identify alcoholics years before they show any physical symptoms of the disease," Stuart P. Comerford, president of the Niagara County Council on Alcoholism said. "Using methods developed by the National Council on Alcoholism's Labor-Management Services Department, any business or industry today can expect annually to identify and motivate to treatment at least 12-15% of its estimated number of alcoholics."

Mr. Comerford cited three companies and their records in this respect. "Company A" identified 76% of its estimated alcoholic population in six years; "Company B," 74% in five years; "Company C," 25% in 18 months.

-- Niagara Gazette

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