From the August 2017 magazine.


In a Michigan doctor’s office, a newcomer turned the page in a magazine—and her sobriety

I felt as if I had been blindsided. I was thumbing through a magazine in my doctor’s office. I turned the page and there was a picture of a gin and tonic. It was a beautiful picture. Suddenly, all the old feelings came back.

The glass was not so frosty that it totally hid the limes or the ice cubes that I could almost hear tinkling against the sides of the glass. I was completely ambushed. I just have a year sober and here was my nemesis beckoning me, all innocent and inviting. It was my worst enemy. I could hear my mind rationalizing, saying, “Only one won’t hurt.” But I knew it would hurt.

-- Adelia H

Brooklyn, Michigan, USA

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