From the August 2017 magazine.

One story at a time

A former delegate challenges himself to write for Grapevine every month—service with a pen

At the beginning of 2014, I found myself without a service position after rotating out as a delegate. In that position, I learned a lot about Grapevine. When I attended the General Service Conference, Grapevine had a bigger effect on me than I had expected. It was there I began to see its greater importance.

The Conference is the formal body of AA and Grapevine is its voice from the front-lines of recovery, so to speak. The magazine is the only publication where every member has an opportunity to share with the entire Fellowship. Without Grapevine, this voice would be silenced. Although I don’t always like everything I read in the magazine, just as I don’t like everything I hear in every meeting, I am inspired by the similarities of experience we see in its pages.

-- Alan S.

Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA

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