From the August 2017 magazine.

Cups of love

When it was time to do dishes, he was first in line. Who knew it would calm his crazy mind?

In my first year of sobriety in 1985, my dad gave me one of his Big Book first editions. I went through it to read the stories that were dropped in later editions. “The Unbeliever” instantly resonated with me because the author described just how I felt. My mind, my thoughts, seemed to be always racing. They never stopped. It was like being stuck on a horrible amusement park ride that I could not get off of.

Six months prior to my getting sober, I went out to a special nightclub to celebrate my birthday. That night, I did an excessive amount of drugs along with drinking (of course). The effects of that night and the damage it caused to my mind stayed with me for my first three years in AA. It took me a long time before I felt anything close to peace, calm and serenity.

-- Forrest P.

Pacifica, California, USA

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