From the August 2017 magazine.

Two Glooms Making Light

On a trip to Joshua Tree, fear took him down. Luckily a call to someone else in the dark made things a lot brighter

I’d like to tell a story about the night I went from beautiful to ugly to beautiful in less than an hour. Mind you, my physical appearance remained the same. On the inside though, I was in an emotional bell tower, with the chiming sound of loving myself in one moment to the clanging noise of hating myself the next.

Last spring, I went to Joshua Tree, California, for the retirement party of a local civic leader, much loved by all. I was bubbling with anticipation and expectation. I’d been asked by my nonprofit group to present her with an award and commemorative plaque, which stroked my ego, magnified my self-esteem and left me feeling wonderful.

-- Ed L.

Wrightwood, California, USA

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