From the August 2017 magazine.

Running the universe

I was the general manager of the universe. At least that was my self-proclaimed title. I didn’t realize that was what I was acting like, but everyone else did. If you didn’t take my advice I’d get really upset and some form of my wrath would descend upon you. And all that time I was being so nice (I thought). I’d be all sweet and light but would turn on you in a heartbeat. That was my alcoholism. That was me prior to September 8, 1994.

I’ve been humbled many times in sobriety. I once lost a job because I had not provided the proper paperwork (in the medical profession, that’s illegal). I’ve been told, “Rozanne, it’s not called Rozanne Anonymous, stop trying to change everything to be about you.” I’ve had sponsees come and go, teaching me about the magic of AA: It’s not about me.

-- Anonymous

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