From the September 2017 magazine.

Dreams and waterfalls

He was once so drunk, he couldn’t leave his dorm room. Now he’s seeing the world

My family was as close to perfect as I’ve encountered on this planet, yet I still never felt right. Crippled by fear and insecurity, I needed the approval of my parents, my teachers and my peers in order to feel any sense of self-worth. That all ended when I found alcohol at age 12.

Alcohol immediately became my Higher Power. My life was unmanageable and I turned my will and life over to liquor. Drinking made eighth grade the high point of my life. I was voted class president and most likely to succeed. My girlfriend was a model. When we got into fights, there was no shortage of other girls to hang out with. By ninth grade, alcohol stopped working for me. I remained crippled with fear of other people’s opinions, even when I was drinking. My head would not stop manufacturing negative thoughts and preaching them to me as gospel.

-- Anonymous

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