From the September 2017 magazine.

Dear Tanya

When I came into AA, I was filled with such immense guilt and remorse, the first thing I wanted to do was run out and make amends to everyone I had hurt. I wanted them to forgive me right away so that I’d feel better. Fortunately, I took the advice of my sponsor and others in the program and focused on my recovery first. The Steps are perfectly in order for a reason.

When the time came to make my amends, I wanted them to be sincere and from the heart. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t making them for my own selfish reasons. One person on my list was a police officer with whom I had countless run-ins. I always considered him a “bad guy” and I had strong resentments toward him. I got my strength up and wrote him a letter explaining where I was at now in recovery and that I owed him a sincere apology. But before I sent it, I told my sponsor I was sure that he was just going to laugh with the other officers about my letter. But I mailed it anyway, because it was the right thing to do.

-- Tanya B.

Plover, Wisconsin, USA

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