From the September 2017 magazine.

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Sometimes quickly, but often slowly, an old-timer expresses gratitude as he celebrates 60 years in AA

I received a 60th AA birthday cake recently. On top of the cake were three words: “Together We Can.” The 60 years were not 60 years of sobriety. Although I’ve not had a drink for that period of time, little of my life could really be categorized as “sober.”

When I got to AA in the 1950s, the desire to drink alcohol left me after just a few days. I did not understand surrender at that time, but I believe that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, or indeed if there was anything wrong. Were it not for the old-timers, I probably wouldn’t have made it. They welcomed me and accepted me. In that era, most of them were in their early 50s and up. I was just 27. The AA program, the old-timers, plus a determined desire to never drink again saved this sorry old peasant.

-- Anonymous

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