From the October 1973 magazine.

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The Chicken or the Egg?

Like all neurotic processes and like all processes of organic illness, alcoholism consists of a long reverberating chain of progressive disturbances involving social, economic, and financial disruptions. By removing the alcohol itself, we can break a logjam and make a hitherto untreatable neurosis accessible to treatment, said Lawrence S. Kubie, MD, clinical professor of psychiatry, University of Maryland School of Medicine, and a well-known psychoanalyst. Each step in what Dr. Kubie calls a "reverberating chain reaction" produces new distortions with new symptoms and further consequences.

Dr. Kubie stressed the extraordinary multiformity of the distortions out of which the dependence on alcohol grows, and also the varied processes of illness which evolve into alcoholism. Among these are various forms of depression, anxiety, sociopathy, criminality, latent, or overt homosexual conformations, or other forms of sexual deviation. Frequently, all this is masked by the alcohol itself, by the distortions it imposes, and by the sick life it creates.

-- Physician's Alcohol Newsletter

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