From the October 2017 magazine.

Tough enough

When the helmet comes off and the Big Book comes out, there’s no such thing as seniority or rank

When I first started thinking seriously of joining the Marine Corps, I had three years of sobriety under my belt. The people closest to me in AA suggested the Corps might not be the best option because it is where a lot of people learn to drink, especially in the infantry. My AA friends were concerned the move would affect my sobriety.

I always heard in meetings not to make any big changes in my first few years of sobriety. But that never made sense to me. Our Big Book even had us do the opposite. First, we had to give up drinking and that was a huge change. Then, we had to turn our will and our lives over to a God of our own understanding. That alone was asking a lot for a guy who didn’t grow up believing in God. After that, I had to tell another man some of my deepest darkest secrets that I had planned to take to the grave. Later on, I had to face my wrongs and make them right. And several of my wrongs potentially involved me being locked up for a long time.

-- Coty Q.

Irvine, California, USA

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