From the October 2017 magazine.

Six Drunks in Eden

I would like to share some of my thoughts on the long tradition of cooperation that the U.S. armed forces have enjoyed with Alcoholics Anonymous. As you probably know, the program of AA was co-founded by a former World War I Field Artillery officer of the U.S. Army, Lt. Bill W. I have often wondered how Bill’s war-time experiences may have intensified his alcoholism and his subsequent recovery. If you doubt that WWI had a profound effect on Bill, you need only look at the first phrase of the first chapter of the Big Book: “War fever ran high …”

AA was just in its infancy when WWII erupted. Thousands of men volunteered or were drafted for the war effort. The fledgling home office in New York, that would later become the General Service Office, worried whether the war would be too much for the newly sober AA members in military service. 

-- Maj. JD

Big Lake, Minn., USA

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