From the October 2017 magazine.

Golf fever

Too much discussion about outside issues at meetings makes one member a bit teed off

I used to wish the meeting at my home group would hurry up and get started so the several members who had contracted “golf fever” would have to change the subject! Not being addicted to golf, like I assumed they were, I would be thoroughly irritated by the time the meeting began. I would even develop a mild resentment toward them. 

Deep down inside, it made me feel like I didn’t fit in with those members of the group. Having one of them as my sponsor would not have worked very well for me. I had already abandoned a previous sponsor because he was a member of an organization I didn’t like. Also, my friendship with another member of AA had gone sour during the last few months due to our conversations about which political party we’d be voting for at election time. 

-- Glenn P.

Florrisant, Mo., USA

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