From the October 2017 magazine.

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A day to celebrate, a member to comfort ... listening to her inner voice was a piece of cake

A few months ago, I began attending a Big Book Step meeting on Thursday evenings. This group had a lot of sobriety to share. The meeting ran like a well-oiled machine. Everyone was greeted upon arrival, the meeting started on time, announcements were made, chips were handed out and the meeting began. There was fresh coffee and treats at the back of the room. On the last Thursday of each month, members brought a cake to celebrate the AA anniversaries for that month. 

As a newcomer to this meeting and being somewhat shy, I did what I usually do. I tried to remain as unnoticed as possible while still soaking up as much wisdom in the room as I could. 

-- Vida J.

Chandler, Ariz., USA

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