From the November 2017 magazine. First printed in April 2010.

OK for this day

She got sober just in time to face a breakup and a new baby—and her sponsor’s words held true

I could barely make it through each day without ending up drunk, but that was all I could do in that day. How would I ever manage a difficult pregnancy and eventually a brand-new baby?

But the woman sitting at the front of the room was my first and most vital lesson on how it could be done—by living life one day at a time and continuing to do “the next right thing” when life got rough. Donna B.’s husband was stationed in an extremely dangerous area of Iraq. “I buried him every day in my mind,” she told me later. But she managed to raise three terrifically rambunctious kids and keep this meeting alive for anyone who needed it, three days a week—all the while simply waiting for her husband’s next call, whenever it would come, to know he was still alive.

-- Kate K.

Lakewood, Washington, USA

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