From the November 2017 magazine.

A Pioneer in Paris

Now in his 90s, an old-timer in Europe recalls the early days of AA in France

For me, it all began in the mid 1960s. I was 37, a Spaniard living in Paris who for 20 years had been suffering an interminable progression of misadventures, disasters and disgraces. Finally, my lies, excuses and even my tears had all run out. I was very seriously considering suicide.

Quite unexpectedly, I learned of AA through an article by journalist Joseph Kessel, published in the French newspaper France-Soir. It seemed that a few “gringos” (as I called North Americans in those days, not without a certain disdain) were holding AA meetings at the American Church on Quai d’Orsay in Paris.

-- Manuel of ParisBarcelona

Barcelona, Spain

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