From the December 2017 magazine.

Long distance hugs

For many years, Faro, British Columbia (a community of 2,500 people), had three AA meetings a week. Our group would travel great distances to go on Twelfth Step calls and help other groups start up. Occasionally we’d go by ski-doo or snowmobile to remote trapline cabins. One time, we took a call from the town Norman Wells. We couldn’t travel all the way there to help them that time, but we did send a meeting kit and literature.

When the mine shut down for the last time here in 1996, the population of Faro dropped to approximately 350 people, and I eventually found myself the only AA member left. So I started volunteering and doing service for others at the local Ambulance, Fire, Search and Rescue. While this was good, it didn’t make up for the spiritual aspects of my AA program that I was missing. Over time, my attitude slipped into a place I really didn’t want to be. I definitely wasn’t feeling as well as I like to.

-- Mark V.

Faro/Marsh Lake, Yukon, Canada

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