From the December 2017 magazine.

In need of a hug

A man with 10 months goes back to prison, his entire support system gone. How would he stay sober?

When I had 10 months sober, I went to prison. It was quite a culture shock. I had been going to AA meetings almost every day and now I was locked in a prison that had one meeting a month. We could only have a meeting when one of the staff was willing to volunteer to sponsor it.

When I was sentenced, the judge gave me time to get my affairs in order. On the positive side, I was returning to the same prison that I had been released from five years earlier. I say the “positive side” because I knew the prison’s address and could have a Grapevine subscription sent to myself there. I also brought all my books with me, the Big Book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and As Bill Sees It.

-- Anthony C.

Fairport, New York, USA

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