From the December 2017 magazine.

My feet stay right here

It was three days before my six-year sobriety birthday and I went back out! It took exactly three seconds to say, “hell with it,” and take that drink. I had pulled away from the program because my husband had gone back out and it got too uncomfortable to go to meetings. But not going to meetings just made me restless and irritable, and one day when I needed some relief, I downed a drink.

I told my husband, and when I came home from work he greeted me at the door with a drink. He then threw me a surprise keg party for my sobriety birthday. Everyone else thought it was my real birthday. The next day, after it was all over, my husband told me he thought I really was an alcoholic and that I should stop drinking.

-- Karen M.

Webberville, Texas, USA

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