From the December 2017 magazine.

Lookin’ Good

She kept up a good front as she drank down the liquor and ran from her emotional past

A couple of years after my first AA meeting, a friend and I were reminiscing. She’d been there when I walked into the rooms for the first time. “You didn’t look like an alcoholic,” she said. “You looked good.” Yes, that’s me. Always lookin’ good.

As an only child raised with high expectations, I learned to excel in whatever was put before me. My parents were supportive of my schoolwork and I was a straight-A student. I was active in church and took part in musical productions. Anything artistic was easy for me. I practiced hard at the piano and appeared last—the plum position—at my very first recital. I starred in school plays. I joined the band and excelled at that.

-- Carol S.

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

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