From the January 1974 magazine.

About Alcoholism - Alcoholism Information, Research and Treatment

Theological Approach

In 1973, St. Joseph's College of Philadelphia offered a full-three-credit course under the following title and description: "Theological and Practical Dimensions of Alcoholism--Theol. 230. Alcoholism as a physical, emotional, and spiritual disease studied from multiple viewpoints; its causes and symptoms; psychological and sociological factors; morality and values of the alcoholic in the state of addiction; rehabilitation centers and techniques; recent legislation in regard to alcoholism and drugs; the spiritual program of Alcoholics Anonymous with an analysis of the experience of 'conversion.' "

The response of students in both day and evening colleges was enthusiastic. In the day school, where the class had been limited to 25 students, there were already 67 signed up for the course before any check could be made. Eventually, only the first 25 seniors were admitted. In the evening school, the number was limited to 30, and the section was filled so promptly that we feel certain this course on Theology of Alcoholism will be jammed for some years to come.

-- The Jesuit

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