From the January 2018 magazine.

Earthshaking news

When I was 16 years sober, my world crashed. I lost everything. I was bankrupt in every way—financially, emotionally and spiritually. I began to think about suicide and went to see a doctor. I got honest with my sponsor and told him everything. He had genuine compassion. I could feel it. He politely listened, then he cut me off. “Do you think you have anything at this moment that somebody could want?” he asked. I had to admit I didn’t.

I will always remember that day. His question caused me to reflect on a breakfast conversation we had with his sponsor at a restaurant in Pasadena many years ago. Two things happened that day. First, an actual earthquake occurred—the table settings rattled and the hanging lights swayed. I completely remember it interrupting my grandsponsor’s story.

-- Skitch F.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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