From the January 2018 magazine.

Learning to trust

Whether piloting a plane or adjusting the way she sponsors, she lets her Higher Power lead the way

A number of years ago, I was invited to fly to Minneapolis on a private plane to see a concert of a well-known singer. The plane I flew on was owned by Kathy and Bob, a couple I didn’t know at the time. Bob was our pilot. It was quite the trip: a beautiful day surfing through cotton-candy clouds. Bob invited us, his six passengers, to try our hand at flying the plane. Knowing I would likely never be offered this chance again, I accepted, and piloted an airplane for the first and last time. During this adventure, I didn’t mention AA or my sobriety.

I didn’t see Kathy or Bob for the next two years. Then one day I was sitting in an AA meeting and Kathy walked in, newly sober and fresh from a treatment center. With her big personality and a light in her eyes, she belted out, “I’ve been stalking meetings looking for you! Will you sponsor me?”

-- Rhoni M.

Scottsdale, Arizona

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