From the January 2018 magazine. First printed in January 1998.

Unity Disrupted

An awkward incident at a morning meeting enlightens some members about our common welfare

I will never forget the first time I really understood the meaning of Tradition One and how important our common welfare is to me personally. I was sitting in my home group meeting one morning a little after seven a.m., not quite awake but aware that I was safe and among friends. These were the people who’d been there for me as I learned how to stay sober and live a life of love and service. Through the sharing of their own experience, I’ve learned
the spiritual principles of the Steps and Traditions.

My home group is a large group that meets six days a week, has a lot of long-term sobriety and has a very strong service structure. The monthly home group meetings (what we call business meetings) are often focused on what we can do to better carry the AA message to the newcomer. We celebrate birthdays by giving away AA literature and Grapevine. The minority is respected and encouraged to speak. As a result of this concerted effort to examine ourselves, our group continues to grow and prosper and attract newcomers.

-- Anonymous

Maui, Hawaii, USA

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