From the January 2018 magazine.

Hidden treasure

While browsing in a small-town bookstore, I discovered a priceless treasure: someone’s well-worn Big Book. It had a $6 price tag. Whenever I see an old Big Book, I can’t help but wonder how it ended up on a lonely shelf away from our homes and meeting rooms. I like to rescue them and put them back out into circulation. Having a few extra books on hand is a great way to carry the message when a person expresses interest in learning more about AA.

This well-worn book looked like any other until I opened it and the magic spilled out. Underneath the traditional blue dust jacket was a beautifully embroidered book cover (pictured at left). It was unbelievably sweet. Multicolored flowers were hand-embroidered above the nickname of the former owner.

-- Mily T.

San Francisco, California, USA

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