From the January 2018 magazine.

Bigger than me

Some alcoholics in Illinois roll up their sleeves and rocket a Big Book conference into the fourth dimension

Every year our area hosts a Big Book conference. The event features a historian who talks about the Big Book and we have breakout sessions devoted to individual chapters and the Twelve Steps. We also have guest speakers who are usually from out of town. They share their experience, strength and hope. The conference is a daylong event and attracts AA members from around the state.

Our district committee member (DCM) suggested that our district should host the conference in 2013. At our district meeting, we took a vote to see if there was any interest. A few hands were raised half-heartedly, but that was enough. We decided to explore the possibility of hosting. Could our humble district plan an event that might attract hundreds of people?

-- Mary W.

Oswego, Illinois, USA

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