From the February 2018 magazine.

Through the grief

With service, literature, a good sponsor and lots of prayer, a new father doesn’t drink when tragedy strikes his family

Before coming to AA, my “life skills” consisted of knowing how to order a hamburger and a beer. But through our wonderful Fellowship, I learned how to stay employed without quitting (I used to fire myself before they fired me) and how to court women on dates (as opposed to having numerous judicial court dates). In fact, my sponsor always reminded me that it’s “one date at a time.”

Eventually, I met and courted a beautiful North Dakota farmgirl named Cheryl. I applied all the tools of our program, including a so-called “scary prayer” that I heard around AA. It went: “God, if I can’t be of service to this woman, please remove her from my life.”

-- Tom A.

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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