From the February 2018 magazine.

What is sanity

I would often hear in my AA meetings that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I was still doing this about a problem with overeating nearly 30 years after I stopped drinking.  But I can’t recall anybody saying what sanity is.  I knew it could also be called mental health.  When I lived in Japan, I found that the Japanese word for what we call a mental hospital could be translated as “spirit hospital,” so I suppose sanity could also be called spiritual health, as it is more a matter of spirit than intellect.

In recent years, I have come across three definitions of sanity that make sense to me and seem to be three ways of thinking about the same thing. Sanity is: 1) The ability to adjust to reality; 2) Seeing things as they really are; and 3) Living in harmony with reality.

-- Jim F.


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