From the February 2018 magazine.

Doctor know

If this psychiatrist was so smart about alcoholism, how did he end up in his own detox unit?

I was terribly anxious my entire childhood. This anxiety was probably programmed into me from a mother carrying me during the last months of World War II. Moving and switching schools from the upscale suburbs to a small, farm-town school in central Ohio didn’t help either. Every adult drank to relax and I can rarely recall an evening when my parents didn’t drink after a long, stressful workday.

The first time I drank hard liquor, I overdosed. I am very fortunate to have lived. “Somebody” was looking after me in that lonely farm field where my buddies had abandoned me. For the next nine years, I couldn’t stand the smell of liquor. It made me gag, so I didn’t go near it, which allowed me to get me through university and medical school.

-- Greeley M.

Spring Green, Wisconsin, USA

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