From the February 2018 magazine.


No matter what, we say, we don’t pick up that first drink.

For most of us, life gets much better once we put down the bottle. But life doesn’t stop happening now that we’re sober. Recovering alcoholics deal with adversity every day—illness, death, money troubles, job loss and more. But there is hope. This month’s special section features stories by members who have embraced the Fellowship and used the tools of AA to stay sober through tough times.

In the story “23 Precious Years,” a woman in Georgia shares about the death of her son to alcoholism and how the first three Steps helped her cope. A member in Florida finds himself in a homeless shelter at 26 years sober and uses the tools of AA to help him through it in “When Misfortune Falls.” In “Life Support,” a woman caring for her sick mom in Massachusetts reaches out for help at a meeting on Mother’s Day and finds more love and care than she had imagined. And in “Peace on the Inside,” a member in a Wisconsin mental hospital shares how the AA meetings inside give him hope until the day he can go to meetings on the outside.

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