From the March 2018 magazine.

On the edge

Through the smashed furniture and pain, he watched alcohol bring his family down. Then came his moment

My childhood was unconventional and it would have been that way even if my parents didn’t drink. But they did. And long ago I stopped telling myself that my life would have been better if they hadn’t been alcoholics. Even without alcohol, I might still have gone to 14 different schools because we never stayed anywhere for more than one year. My father might have still been in prison for seven years and I still would have become an alcoholic myself.

Whenever I speak at a meeting for my AA anniversary, I begin my story with, “I was raised in a hard-core, alcoholic family. The start-the-party-laughing type of family that ends up fighting and smashing the furniture.”

-- Joe H.

New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

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