From the March 2018 magazine.

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What’s in a name?

AA’s responsibility in protecting its intellectual property

It can be said that we are living in litigious times—times in which a man in Washington, D.C. not long ago sued a dry cleaning business for $67 million for allegedly losing a pair of his pants. Such a lawsuit might indeed push the limits of credibility, yet not all lawsuits are frivolous. Protections, such as those governing copyrights, trademarks, domain names and other such intellectual property, are put into place to ensure authenticity and integrity, and to define clear ownership. While a landowner, for example, might surround his or her property with a fence to protect it, a producer of information or some other intellectual property can often do very little to stop “trespassers” from replicating, altering, or using that property to their own advantage.

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