From the April 2018 magazine.

Here to help

When he got out of jail, he went straight to AA. Now he helps build a bridge for others

My first AA meeting was service. He was taking meetings into in the Placer County, California jail. The H&I (hospitals and intistitutions) volunteers bring in AA meetings every Wednesday night there. I was looking at a sentence of several years in state penitentiary for alcohol and drug-related crimes. Although I didn’t think I had a problem with alcohol at the time, I went to their AA meetings just to get out of my cell. I later learned when I got out of jail that there would be meetings every day that I could attend.

At the time though, my thoughts were hopeless. I felt my life was over. Then I was moved to another jail in Avenal, California. I started attending regular meetings of AA in the jail. Each meeting I attended gave me more hope. Then one night I heard my story. It was there I found a God of my understanding and my life began to change.

-- Matthew L.

Meadow Vista, California, United States

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