From the April 2018 magazine.

On the front line

A gapper in New York City says helping new members get connected is the bright spot in his life

By the fall of 2010, I was homeless, unemployable, underweight, dirty, broke, insane and lost. My loving family was about to give up on me forever, and I was no longer allowed in my parents’ beautiful home, just north of Manhattan in Westchester County, New York. All my friends had gone away, and I was alone and pitiful. And yet, I thought I was managing well.

I wanted to be left alone, but I also could not show up for my life on my own power. I needed help, but I just didn’t realize what kind and where from. I had no idea that I was the problem. Lucky for me, so many consequences started piling up and needed a way out. I saw that maybe it was time to take a rest from my reckless lifestyle, if at least for just a while. That’s when I went to AA and got sober. Thankfully, that little break has turned into the seven most wonderful years of my life.

-- Noah F.

New York, New York, United States

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