From the May 1974 magazine.

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'Cross-Therapy' Advocated

People in the "substance abuse" field are examining whether a recovered alcoholic can help a practicing drug abuser toward a cure and, conversely, whether the recovered drug addict can aid the chronic drinker. Feasibility of this type of cross-therapy was supported by Fred T. Davis Jr., of the National Council on Alcoholism and a consultant to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and Dr. Vernelle Fox, director of the alcoholism program at Long Beach (Calif.) General Hospital. Dr. Fox felt that, for best results, the recovered person joining the treatment team should not be the type that conceives of his drug as the only "real" problem. Mr. Davis [said] that treatment for addiction could practically focus on changing the patient's behavior, rather than eliminating the source of the dependence--be it alcohol or drugs.

-- Friday Letter (NCA)

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