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Published March 2018.

They Can Recover

Stigmatized by mental illness, he discovered in AA that the right doses of both medication and sobriety keep him leading a happy and productive life

Hello, my name is Bob. I am an alcoholic and I also have mental illness. My sobriety date is October 6 1985. I started drinking in the early 1970s. Back then there was a lot of pot circulating around. On several occasions when the pot was not available, we smoked Angel Dust, also known as PCP. I thought if it came from angels it must be good for you. Little did I know, it would cause the brain damage that caught up with me years later.

In 1979 I had a psychotic episode and was prescribed anti-psychotic medication. I drank for 13 years, and for 7 of those years I drank on top of my medication. Alcohol was made more potent by my medication, but I thought this was a good thing, as I could drink half as much and get just as drunk.  I was playing a game that could have killed me.

-- Bob P.

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