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Published April 2018.


Sober after years of living in the shadows, she find herself seeking just the right exposure to people, places and things

In photography, an image is underexposed when it hasn’t been exposed to light in a sufficient manner. The result is an image that is darker than it should be and the details are muddy (sometimes called crushed shadows). What a perfect summary for the way I was living for the twenty years I spent in my addiction: dark, insufficient, muddy, and crushed. 

With close to two years of sobriety and having worked the Twelve Steps, I thought I’d be fixed already. I thought I would be living as a confident, well-adjusted adult with nothing but peace in my heart and a serene mind. Not yet. I feel as wobbly as a toddler learning to walk and terrified of relapse. I am dealing with issues, irritants and relationships for the first time in my adult life without copious amount of wine to dull my senses and get me though all the self-created drama.

-- Laura S.

Houston, Texas

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