From the May 2018 magazine.

Our Twelve Steps: 80 Wonderful Years

182 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. “I lay in bed ... with a pencil in my hand .... Slowly my mind came into some kind of focus.”

In 1938, our cofounder, Bill W., was writing what we know today as our Big Book. As he began to outline an actual program of recovery for the alcoholic, the Twelve Steps were born. The following section features current stories by members sharing how the Twelve Steps have helped them stay sober and changed their lives.

"I was in this anything-but-spiritual mood on the night when the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous were written. I was sore and tired clear through. I lay in bed at 182 Clinton Street with pencil in hand and with a tablet of scratch paper on my knee. I could not get my mind on the job, much less put my heart in it. But here was one of those things that had to be done. Slowly my mind came into some kind of focus.

-- Bill W.

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